Why LoveRocks?

LoveRocks helps you set time aside for you and your partner to spend time and explore one another. The gemstones can help deepen your relationship in so many ways! You will get to know your partner on another level and that time you spend together focusing on that other person and their desires is invaluable.

Why Gemstones?

Each gemstone has different characteristics and qualities that assist in different aspects of life. These gemstones have been specifically selected because of their ability to assist in love and relationships. All of the gemstones in this kit also correlate with different parts of your chakra to help bring all the chakras into balance to enhance the experience with your partner even further.

How long does the kit take to heat up?

The kit takes 15 minutes to heat to the suggested temperature of 118 degrees. Depending on what temperature it is set at it may take longer

How long do the stones stay hot for?

The gemstones stay hot for about 5 minutes, but even just holding them warms them up! You can always place stones back in the kit to heat further while you use others.

Should I use oil?

Yes! Oil adds even more to the experience. It allows the stones to glide more easily and can be warmed up as well if you choose. Check out our LoveRocks massage oil! It is fractionated coconut oil with Tuberose essential oil to help take things to the next level.

How do I clean the stones and case?

You can use mild soap and water to clean the stones. The case can be wiped out with any multi surface solution or soap and water. The gemstones will also need to be charged when you first receive them and after each use by putting them in direct sunlight or soaking them in salt water.

Is it portable?

Yes it is! You can put your stones in the satin pouch, place the cord right in the kit and take it on the go.

What size are the kit and stones?

The kit is 14X10.5X3 inches and the stones are about the size of your palm. The wands are about 4 inches long.

 Can I add my other toys to this kit and have them heat?

Yes! The kit has a good depth to it and enough surface space for you to add other toys if you choose to. Just be sure they are heat resistant!